How do I use Wasabi Object Storage with Vultr?

Updated on February 14, 2022
How do I use Wasabi Object Storage with Vultr? header image

Wasabi is a leading provider of hot cloud storage for applications leveraging object storage. Wasabi has partnered with Vultr to dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure for computing and storage.

Wasabi supports the standard AWS S3 API and IAM controls, so applications on Vultr's infrastructure can easily connect to buckets hosted on Wasabi to store and manage object data. In addition, S3 API support allows you to use object locking and legal holds, which are critical functions for applications that want to ensure the highest possible data security and integrity.

The Wasabi-Vultr partnership eliminates all data transfer fees between Wasabi and Vultr for our joint customers. As a result, you can transfer data between Vultr and Wasabi at no cost, which allows you to run web apps, transcode media, process images and perform analytics for a fraction of the cost you would spend with other hyperscalers. Wasabi also has no data egress or API request charges. You'll have a predictable pricing structure for a multitude of use cases.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Enterprise-grade object storage
  • Worldwide availability
  • No egress fees between Vultr and Wasabi
  • Less than half the cost of hyperscaler offerings for compute and storage
  • High-speed connectivity with secure transport
  • Easy to use control panel and APIs
  • Improved developer productivity

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Need Bandwidth to Migrate?

If you are a Vultr customer and need more network bandwidth quota for your Wasabi migration, don't hesitate to contact Vultr's sales team for assistance.

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