How To Install Unturned on Linux

Updated on June 24, 2016
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In this guide, you'll be learning how to setup and install an Unturned server on Linux. Unturned is a popular survival game, that is free to play.

The commands in this tutorial may vary slightly depending on your Linux distribution. It was originally tested against Ubuntu 16.04.


Before starting and running your server, there is compulsory software needed.

Downloading server files

Download SteamCMD to the server.


Next, simply unzip the file you just downloaded:


Once the file has been unzipped proceed to run SteamCMD:

wine steamcmd.exe

Now that SteamCMD is running, log into your secondary Steam account using the following code. Changing out username and password with your account details:

login username password

Your account is now logged in. It's time to define the install directory:

force_install_dir (Your servers file directory. Ex: /home/your/unix/folder)

Download the game to the dedicated server using the following command:

app_update 304930

You have now successfully installed SteamCMD and Unturned server files on your Linux server.

Running the server

Logged in as root, add a user for Unturned.

adduser unt
adduser unt sudo

Now that the user is added, switch accounts.

su unt

Install Wine and Xinit:

sudo apt-get install wine xinit

Configure the server to allow any user to start it:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common

Now start it in headless mode.


That's done, now move to a new shell in TMUX using:

[CTRL]+[B], [C]

Tell wine to use the headless mode with:

export DISPLAY=:0.0

Finally, Start the Unturned server.

wine Unturned.exe -nographics (Add your command line options here) -sv

Your Unturned server is now up and running.

Extra: Sample command line options

The Unturned command line can be customized with the options below.


  • Arena
  • Pei


  • -Bambi
  • -Normal
  • -Hardcore
  • -Gold

Sync Setting:

  • -Sync
  • -Nosync

PVP/PVE Setting:

  • -Pvp
  • -Pve


  • -Pass:[PASSWORD]
  • -Port:[PORT NUMBER]
  • -Players:[PLAYER MAX]