How to Use Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with Vultr

Updated on June 1, 2023
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Vultr has partnered with Backblaze to provide easy-to-use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with free data transfer between Backblaze and Vultr. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage allows businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals to build applications, host content, manage media, backup and archive data, and more.

The Backblaze S3 Compatible API enables custom and off-the-shelf S3 client applications and tools running on Vultr's infrastructure to store and manage data in Backblaze B2 buckets and objects. As well as basic bucket and object operations, S3 clients can access advanced Backblaze B2 features such as object locking and legal holds, allowing applications to meet compliance requirements and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Vultr x Backblaze Functionality

With the Vultr + Backblaze combination, developers now have the ability to connect Vultr cloud compute and bare metal resources with data stored in Backblaze B2 - providing a compelling alternative to Amazon EC2 and S3. Developers can easily transfer data between Vultr and Backblaze with no egress fees or other data transfer costs.

Vultr + Backblaze B2 Examples

Key Benefits & Features

  • 20% of the cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Free egress on data transfers between Backblaze and Vultr.
  • Avoid monolithic constraints and vendor lock-in.
  • Hot storage with a 99.9% uptime SLA - no cold delays or speed premiums.
  • Store where you want - choose between U.S. and EU data centers.
  • Single-tier pay-as-you-go or capacity-based pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Full API support for custom use cases and needs.

Object Storage Use Cases

Universal Data Migration Service

Universal Data Migration covers all data transfer costs, including legacy provider egress fees, on >50TB committed contracts and all sizes of B2 Reserve bundles. Backblaze manages the data migration from any legacy on-premises or cloud source, at no additional cost to you.