Install Wekan on Ubuntu 20.04

Updated on October 15, 2021
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Wekan is an open-source Kanban board application developed for card-based tasks and to-do management based on the Meteor Javascript framework. With Wekan, project collaboration for developers or other teams is made much simpler as you can easily invite team members to the board, create tasks and assign it to your member with a given timeframe. This improves team productivity as the workload is spread across the team members, and more work gets done in less time. It is a web-based tool similar to Trello, and with its intuitive UI, you can perform a wide variety of tasks in the simplest way.

The main advantage of using Wekan over competitors like Trello is that it allows anyone to work with it and modify it easily. In addition, you have complete control over it, unlike third-party services. It also gives you the option of hosting it on your server, which guarantees that you have complete control over your data and can manipulate it to your desires.

In this article, you will learn how to Install Wekan on Ubuntu 20.04 server.


1. Install and Configure Wekan

Update system packages.

$ sudo apt update

Install snap. Snap is a package management and software deployment system from Canonical.

$ sudo apt install snap -y

Install Wekan.

$ sudo snap install wekan

Configure a web URL root for Wekan. Modify your_server_ip with your actual server IP address.

$ sudo snap set wekan root-url="http://your_server_ip"

Set Wekan http port.

$ sudo snap set wekan port='80'

Restart MongoDB service on snap.

$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan.mongodb

Restart Wekan service on snap.

$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan.wekan

Check status.

$ sudo ss -tunelp | grep 80

Enable Wekan service to start on system boot.

$ sudo snap enable wekan

Install MongoDB tools.

$ sudo apt install mongodb-clients -y

Restart Wekan.

$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan.wekan

Set Snap auto-updates to install updates automatically between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.

$ sudo snap set core refresh.schedule=02:00-04:00

Reload snap.

$ sudo snap refresh

2. Access Wekan Web Interface

You will need to have an administrator account before logging in to the dashboard. To register an account, open your web browser and access the registration page using the URL http://ServerIP/sign-up. After the account is created, you will be redirected to the Wekan web interface. For example:


You have successfully installed Wekan on your server. You can now access the dashboard and begin creating and managing cards.

More Information

To learn more about Wekan, go to the official documentation page.