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Updated on June 22, 2020
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CentOS Web Panel (CWP), also known as Control Web Panel, is a server control panel similar to cPanel. CWP is available for free, and a professional version is also available. CWP can migrate cPanel servers with a few clicks. The CWP Migration wizard imports all MySQL databases, MySQL users, and website files from cPanel.

One-Click Installation

Vultr's One-Click CentOS Web Panel is ready for use as soon as you deploy it. To get started, launch your server from Vultr's One-Click library now.


  • Reserve an IP address for CWP to ensure it doesn't change when you upgrade your server or restore backups. CWP requires a static IP address.
  • CWP requires a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) to assign the SSL Certificate. Select a domain name and make sure you know how to assign the IP address with your DNS provider.

1. Register Domain Name

For this tutorial, we use these examples:

  • Example IP:
  • Example FQDN:

Once your CWP server has deployed, you'll see the server IP address in your customer portal.


Copy the IP address and assign it to a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) at your DNS provider.


2. Log In

Sign in with username root and the password located on your server instance dashboard.


3. Clear the Log

On the first launch, Vultr's One-Click CentOS Web Panel will have some alerts and log entries generated during deployment. You can safely ignore these warnings.

  • Navigate to your notification page.
  • Delete all pending messages. Click the "x" on the right side of each message box to close it.
  • If you have any pop-up alerts in the lower-right, click the "x" on each one to close it.


Click Dashboard in the left-hand navigation menu to return to the home screen.

4. Hostname and SSL Certificate

  • Navigate to Server Settings > Change Hostname in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Enter your FQDN hostname.
  • Leave the other fields at their default values.
  • Click Change Hostname.


CentOS Web Panel will update the hostname and request a free Let's Encrypt certificate. When the page reloads, close the tab.

5. Log In with FQDN URL

  • Open a new browser tab.
  • Go to your CentOS Web Panel using the DNS name and port 2031.
  • Sign in with username root and the password located on your server instance dashboard.

Next Steps

Your CentOS Web Panel is running on a static IP address with a valid FQDN and SSL certificate. If you would like to migrate an existing cPanel to CWP, see the new migration guide at

For more information about configuring CWP, please refer to the CentOS Web Panel Documentation.

About One-Click Apps

One-Click apps are updated regularly without notice. When launching a One-Click app, you'll receive our latest version. We do not update deployed instances, and you are responsible for keeping the instance up-to-date. If you design an infrastructure based on One-Click apps and need to ensure the same app version in the future, take a snapshot of the initial deployment and create new instances from the snapshot.