One-Click Docker

Updated on June 26, 2020
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The Vultr One-Click Docker application is a Docker CE host that's ready to run in about a minute. Vultr updates the application regularly, so you'll always have the latest platform for your Docker containers. One-Click Docker comes in both CentOS and Ubuntu flavors.

Pre-Configured User

It is a best practice to run containers as a limited user. One-Click Docker comes pre-configured with a docker user and group for security. If you have other limited users that need to run containers, add them to the docker group.

Installation Test

  1. After One-Click Docker deploys, log in as root via SSH.

  2. Switch to the docker user.

     # su - docker
  3. Test the installation with the Hello World container.

     $ docker run hello-world
     Hello from Docker!
     This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly.

More Information

About One-Click Apps

One-Click apps are updated regularly without notice. When launching a One-Click app, you'll receive our latest version. We do not update deployed instances, and you are responsible for keeping the instance up-to-date. If you design an infrastructure based on One-Click apps and need to ensure the same app version in the future, take a snapshot of the initial deployment and create new instances from the snapshot.