Setup Murmur Mumble Server on Arch Linux

Updated on July 25, 2015
Setup Murmur Mumble Server on Arch Linux header image

This tutorial explains how to setup a Mumble server (Murmur) on Arch Linux.

Everything done in this tutorial is done as the root user.

Installation and Configuration

Installing Murmur is simple under Arch Linux. You need to install the murmur package.

pacman -Sy murmur

When you install Murmur, there will be a note stating that dbus may need to be reloaded. Reload dbus.

systemctl reload dbus

To configure the server, you must edit the /etc/murmur.ini file. Using any text editor (vim is used here), edit the file. This config file has a lot of comments explaining what each setting does.

vim /etc/murmur.ini

Once you are happy with the configuration file. Start and enable the server. If you would rather not start Murmur at boot, don't use the enable command.

systemctl start murmur
systemctl enable murmur

Also, pacman reminded you to set a SuperUser password. It doesn't work very well, so when you start the server, use the command systemctl status murmur | grep "Password for 'SuperUser'" and look for the password.

Month Date Time hostname murmurd[x]: <W>Date Time 1 => Password for 'SuperUser' set to 'password'

Now log into Mumble on your computer using the username "SuperUser" and the password you found in the last command. Once you set up your server settings as SuperUser, you are finished! You can now log in as someone else and use your server.