How to Install Anaconda on a Windows Server Using Vultr

Updated on November 12, 2023
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Anaconda is an open-source Python-based package management system that runs the Conda package manager. Conda allows you to install and run different versions of any library to handle scientific computing and data science tasks you can run using independent environments. Follow the steps in this article to install Anaconda on a Vultr Windows Server.


Before you begin:

Install Anaconda

  1. Start a new web browser session using an application such as Microsoft Edge

  2. In a new browser tab, visit the Anaconda installation files page
  3. Download the latest Anaconda release file for Windows X86_64.exe file

    Download the latest Anaconda Windows Release File

  4. When the download process is complete, click the downloaded file in your browser downloads to start the installation wizard

  5. In the open installation wizard, click Next to start the Anaconda installation process

  6. Read the Anaconda License Agreement, and click I Agree to proceed

    Accept the Anaconda installation license agreement

  7. Keep All Users selected to install Anaconda for all system users. To limit Anaconda to only your active user account, select Just Me and click Next

  8. Keep C:\ProgramData\anaconda3 selected as your destination folder, or click Browse to set a different path, then click Next to select your installation options

    Set the Anaconda installation directory

  9. Select all advanced installation options to enable them and install Anaconda with the best settings. When selected, click Install to start the installation process to your selected data folder

  10. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the installation process to complete, then, click Next to navigate to the Installation summary page and keep Launch Anaconda Navigator selected

    View the Windows Anaconda installation process

  11. Click Finish to complete the Installation process and open the Anaconda Navigator application

  12. Verify that the Anaconda Navigator window launches successfully and displays all available packages

    Open the Anaconda Navigator Application

Test the Anaconda Installation

You have installed Anaconda on your Vultr Windows Server. To launch the application navigator for later use. Open your Windows start menu, expand the Anaconda 3 (64-bit) directory from your applications list, and click Anaconda Navigator to launch the main application window.

Start Anaconda from the Windows Start Menu

  1. Within the Anaconda Navigator window, find the CMD.exe Prompt section and click Launch to open a new command prompt session

    Anaconda Navigator

  2. Verify that a new Windows Command Prompt window opens in your session

    Anaconda CMD

  3. Within the command prompt, verify the installed Conda version

  4. View the list of available Conda applications

     > conda list 


      Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
      _anaconda_depends         2023.07                 py311_1
      abseil-cpp                20211102.0           hd77b12b_0
      aiobotocore               2.4.2           py311haa95532_0
      aiofiles                  22.1.0          py311haa95532_0
      aiohttp                   3.8.3           py311h2bbff1b_0
      aioitertools              0.7.1              pyhd3eb1b0_0
      aiosignal                 1.2.0              pyhd3eb1b0_0
      aiosqlite                 0.18.0          py311haa95532_0
      alabaster                 0.7.12             pyhd3eb1b0_0
  5. To test Conda operations, create a new Conda virtual environment mywinenv

     > conda create --name mywinenv

    When prompted, enter y to create the new virtual environment:

     Proceed ([y]/n)? y
     Preparing transaction: done
     Executing transaction: done
     # To activate this environment, use
     #     $ conda activate mywinenv
     # To deactivate an active environment, use
     #     $ conda deactivate
  6. Activate the Conda virtual environment

     > conda activate mywinenv


     (mywinenv) C:\Users\Administrator>

    Verify that your command prompt shell marker changes to the virtual environment name


You have installed Anaconda on your Vultr Windows Server. Depending on your development needs, install additional packages using the Anaconda Navigator application and test code operations using the pre-installed Jupyter Lab add-on package. For more information about Anaconda operations, visit the official Anaconda Documentation page.

Next Steps

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