How to Install Git on CentOS 7

Updated on November 25, 2020
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This tutorial describes how to install Git on a Vultr CentOS cloud server. Git is a version control tool that tracks the versions of software and changes to the source code. Use Git to create new branches or revert your code to an earlier state at any time. This tutorial assumes you have a freshly deployed Vultr CentOS 7 cloud server instance.

1. Install Git

Run the following command to install Git.

yum install git

Verify the Git installation.

git --version

You should see the Git version number.

2. Configure Git

It's a best practice to configure your name and email address in Git.

  1. Set your name.

     git config --global "Your Name"
  2. Set your email address.

     git config --global ""
  3. Verify the settings.

     git config --list

    You might see, for example: name

More Resources

After setting up Git on your Vultr cloud server, you may want to browse the full Git documentation.