How to Install TeeWorlds on a Vultr Cloud Server

Updated on March 24, 2022
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TeeWorlds is a free, open-source 2D online multiple-player shooter game. It uses a client-server architecture where users can connect to a central server and start game sessions in real-time. In this write-up, you can install TeeWorlds on a Vultr Cloud Server running a Debian or Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) based server distribution.



  • Ubuntu/Debian users can install TeeWorlds by running the following commands:

      $ sudo apt install teeworlds-server
  • CentOS/RockyLinux users can install TeeWorlds by running the following commands:

      $ sudo dnf install teeworlds-server

Configure TeeWorlds Server

  1. Backup the default TeeWorlds server configuration file.

     $ sudo mv /etc/teeworlds/server.cfg /etc/teeworlds/server.cfg.ORIG
  2. Create a new configuration file in a text editor.

     $ sudo nano /etc/teeworlds/server.cfg
  3. Add the following configurations to the file.

     sv_name TeeWorlds Server
     bindaddr *
     sv_motd Welcome to your Vultr Teeworlds Server, have fun!
     sv_port 8303
     sv_max_clients 10
     sv_map ctf1
     sv_rcon_password Your-Password-here
     sv_scorelimit 300
     sv_gametype ctf

    Below is what each configuration line does:

    • sv_name: A custom name for the game server.
    • bindaddr: The network address TeeWorlds should use.
    • sv_motd: Description or welcome message for your game server.
    • sv_port: Network port to listen on, by default, port 8303.
    • sv_max_clients: Maximum number of player on server (max is 16).
    • sv_map: Default map for the game.
    • sc_rcon_password: A strong password for accessing server settings
    • sv_scorelimit: Top score players can reach before restarting the game.
    • sv_gametype: Type of game, either dm, tdm, or ctf.
  4. Save and close the file.

  5. Configure the firewall to allow the TeeWorlds server port 8303.

    • Ubuntu (UFW):

        $ sudo ufw allow 8303
    • CentOS (FirewallD):

        $ sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=8303/tcp
  6. To correct user permissions, edit the TeeWorlds systemd file.

     $ sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/teeworlds-server.service
  7. Change the listening user from _teeworlds to a valid system user account. Your edited file should look like the one below:

     Description=Teeworlds multiplayer server
     ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "/usr/games/teeworlds-server -f /etc/teeworlds/server.cfg | /usr/share/games/teeworlds/"
  8. Save and close the file.

  9. Restart systemd to load changes.

     $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  10. Enable the TeeWorlds server.

     $ sudo systemctl enable teeworlds-server
  11. Start TeeWorlds server.

     $ sudo systemctl start teeworlds-server
  12. Verify that TeeWorlds is up and running with no errors:

     $ sudo systemctl status teeworlds-server

Ready to play?

  • Start a TeeWorlds game session on your desktop computer.

  • Connect to the TeeWorlds server by replacing localhost with your server address.

    A TeeWorlds Game Session


You have successfully installed TeeWorlds on a Vultr Cloud Server. You can connect multiple players on the server as listed in your configuration file with the installation. For more configuration options, visit the TeeWorlds Server Settings page.