How to Install WordPress with EasyEngine on Ubuntu 20.04

Updated on November 18, 2021
How to Install WordPress with EasyEngine on Ubuntu 20.04 header image


EasyEngine is a Python-based tool that allows you to administrate your WordPress sites on Nginx efficiently and automatically. You won't have to deal with complex web server configurations if you use EasyEngine.

This comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to install EasyEngine and set up a single WordPress site with HTTPS and Let's Encrypt certificates.


EasyEngine must be installed on a new server that does not already have Apache or MySQL.

Install EasyEngine

Download and run the EasyEngine installer script to install EasyEngine.

# wget -qO ee && bash ee

The script installs EasyEngine along with the dependencies.

Verify that the installation was successful.

# ee --version

Run EasyEngine

EasyEngine is designed to make it simple to install WordPress. This may be accomplished by issuing a single command. Replace in the next command with your domain name.

# ee site create --wp --letsencrypt

You are prompted to enter your email address. Type your email address and press Enter.

The command above has set up the following services:

  • WordPress
  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • a Let's Encrypt certificate
  • MariaDB

You may create many other types of websites with EasyEngine. For more information, visit the official documentation.


Congratulations, you have successfully installed and configured a WordPress website with EasyEngine on your system.

More Information

Visit the official documentation for more information about EasyEngine.