How to Upgrade Your Plan without Reinstalling

Updated on December 20, 2021
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One benefit of Vultr's cloud infrastructure is the ability to migrate to a more powerful server as your data and server loads increase. This quickstart guide explains how to do in-place upgrades and server migration to a new host.

In many cases, the physical host has enough available capacity for you to expand your server instance in-place. In other cases, you may need to do a server migration. This article describes both options.

In-place Upgrade

An in-place upgrade will require several minutes to complete. To perform an in-place upgrade, please follow these steps:

  1. In the customer portal, click the Settings tab on the server information page.

  2. Select the Change Plan menu.

    Change Plan

  3. Select the new plan, then click Upgrade.

Your server will restart with the new plan.

The server's IP address will remain the same after an in-place upgrade.

Server Migration

You may need to perform a server migration in some situations:

  • If the physical host does not have room for an in-place upgrade.
  • If you are changing server types, such as moving from Cloud Compute to Optimized Cloud Compute.

To perform a server migration:

  1. Take a snapshot of the instance.
  2. Deploy a new server with the snapshot.

After completing this process, the new server will receive a new IP address. If your server is configured with a static IP address, please see this guide to return your server to DHCP configuration.