Upgrading to CustomBuild 2.0 With DirectAdmin

Updated on October 18, 2016
Upgrading to CustomBuild 2.0 With DirectAdmin header image

DirectAdmin comes with a handy, built-in tool called CustomBuild, which allows you to install, remove, and/or recompile programs from source. Recently, there has been a revision of CustomBuild (often abbreviated as CB) to version 2.0. In this guide, you will see how to upgrade your CustomBuild 1.1 or 1.2 installation to 2.0.

Step 1: Reinstalling the prerequisites

As older DirectAdmin installations sometimes don't have the required software installed for DirectAdmin to run correctly, try running these preinstall commands again:

yum install wget gcc gcc-c++ flex bison make bind bind-libs bind-utils openssl openssl-devel perl quota libaio \
libcom_err-devel libcurl-devel gd zlib-devel zip unzip libcap-devel cronie bzip2 cyrus-sasl-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed \
autoconf automake libtool which patch mailx bzip2-devel lsof db4-devel psmisc net-tools systemd-devel libdb-devel perl-DBI xfsprogs rsyslog logrotate crontabs

Note: this command may only be executed on CentOS (7).

Step 2: Updating CustomBuild

As CustomBuild has been completely revised, it also comes with a new configuration. This means you can't port your existing configuration to CB 2.0. Make sure to have a backup!

cd /usr/local/directadmin
mv custombuild custombuild_1.x
wget -O custombuild.tar.gz http://files.directadmin.com/services/custombuild/2.0/custombuild.tar.gz
tar xvzf custombuild.tar.gz
cd custombuild

Step 3: Altering the options

After executing ./build, the new options configuration file has been created. Open this file and make the necessary changes.

After confirming your changes are correct, install the software according to the CustomBuild configuration:

./build all d
./build rewrite_confs

CustomBuild will now be updated.