Install DirectAdmin on CentOS 6 or 7

Updated on December 12, 2014
Install DirectAdmin on CentOS 6 or 7 header image

DirectAdmin is a proprietary web-based control panel that you can install on your server which offers a variety of system-administration features.

In this article, we are going to install DirectAdmin on a CentOS server.

First, make sure that you are logged in under your root user and that you have purchased a DirectAdmin license from their official site.

Update your server so that it has the latest packages:

yum update

Next, we are going to install the packages that DirectAdmin needs on CentOS 6 to run properly. You can do that by executing the following command:

yum install wget gcc gcc-c++ flex bison make bind bind-libs bind-utils openssl openssl-devel perl quota libaio libcom_err-devel libcurl-devel gd zlib-devel zip unzip libcap-devel cronie bzip2 cyrus-sasl-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed autoconf automake libtool which patch mailx db4-devel

If you are running CentOS 7, run the following commands:

yum install psmisc net-tools systemd-devel libdb-devel perl-DBI

Now, download the DirectAdmin installation script through wget. If you don't have wget yet, then you can install it via the command yum install wget.

chmod 755

To run the installation script, simply enter in the command:


Follow the instructions on screen to complete the DirectAdmin installation. You can access DirectAdmin once its finished installing with your web-browser by navigating to http://server_ip:2222.