Vultr DNS Servers

Updated on January 13, 2022
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In this guide, you'll find the IP address information for Vultr's nameservers. If you want to configure Vultr as your DNS provider, see Introduction to Vultr DNS. Vultr's DNS servers are on an AnyCAST network to ensure fast DNS resolution.

Vultr's DNS Resolvers

If you are configuring static IP addresses for your services at Vultr, use our recursive DNS servers for high-performance, low-latency DNS resolution. These DNS servers are available only to systems on the Vultr network. These are the same DNS servers assignments you receive when using Vultr's DHCP configuration.

  • For IPv4, use:
  • For IPv6, use: 2001:19f0:300:1704::6

You must use Vultr's DNS resolver,, if you use Vultr DDoS protection.

Authoritative DNS

Our authoritative DNS servers are reachable across the internet. The server addresses are:

    • 2001:19f0:ccd::1
    • 2001:19f0:ccd::2

If you want to add your domain to Vultr's DNS for authoritative resolution, please see our article Introduction to Vultr DNS.