Windows Server 2016 Recovery Mode

Updated on April 20, 2017
Windows Server 2016 Recovery Mode header image

Upon accessing recovery mode on Windows Server 2016, you may experience a stop error ("blue screen"). The workaround is to access the "Repair Computer" option from the Windows Server 2016 install disk. Follow the steps listed below to learn how to access this option.

  • Navigate to your instance in the Vultr control panel.
  • Power off your instance.
  • Navigate to the "Custom ISO" tab under "Settings".
  • Mount your Windows Server 2016 ISO. If you deployed using the Vultr's stock image, it will be listed under "Operating System ISO".
  • Your VPS will reboot. Hold a key when the system boots to access Windows Setup.
  • Choose "Repair Computer" on Windows Setup.
  • When the recovery system loads. Choose "Troubleshoot".

You will be able to access recovery options from this panel.