How to Connect ONLYOFFICE Docs with Redmine

Updated on December 6, 2021
How to Connect ONLYOFFICE Docs with Redmine header image

ONLYOFFICE Docs is an open-source office suite that includes collaborative online editors for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations compatible with OOXML formats. In addition, you can integrate it with various cloud services and platforms like Nextcloud, Seafile, Alfresco, Redmine, ownCloud, and others.

Redmine is an open-source project management and issue tracking tool. With ONLYOFFICE Docs connected, you can view, edit and collaborate on docx, xlsx, and pptx files uploaded to the Issues, Files, Documents, Wiki, or News modules within Redmine. The access rights to view or edit files depend on the user role permissions for each module.


  • ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server) v6.4
  • Redmine server v4.0 or higher
  • ONLYOFFICE connector (integration app) for Redmine

If you’re new to ONLYOFFICE/Redmine: install ONLYOFFICE Docs from Vultr Marketplace and refer to this tutorial to install Redmine.

1. Download the Connector

  1. Download ONLYOFFICE connector for Redmine.

  2. Clone the master branch.

     $ git clone`

    Or, download the latest archived version, and unzip the file.

     $ wget
     $ tar -xvzf v1.0.0.tar.gz
  3. Rename the folder to onlyoffice_redmine.

    If you cloned the GitHub repository, use this command.

     $ mv onlyoffice-redmine onlyoffice_redmine

    Or, if you downloaded the archive, use this one.

     $ mv onlyoffice-redmine-1.0.0 onlyoffice_redmine

2. Install the Connector

  1. Make sure the Redmine instance is stopped.

  2. Move the onlyoffice_redmine plugin to the redmine/plugins directory.

     $ cp -r /root/onlyoffice_redmine/. /redmine/plugins/onlyoffice_redmine

    The path to the plugins folder depends on the installation option you used for Redmine. Use the find / -type d -name plugins command to find the corresponding path.

  3. Go to the Redmine root directory.

     $ cd redmine
  4. Install the dependencies.

     $ bundle install
  5. Initialize/update the database.

     $ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate
     $ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=onlyoffice_redmine
  6. Restart the Redmine instance.

3. Configure the ONLYOFFICE Document Server in Redmine

Configure ONLYOFFICE Document Server via the Redmine interface.

  1. Go to Administration -> Plugins and locate the ONLYOFFICE Redmine plugin.

  2. Click the Configure option.

  3. Enter the following settings:

    • Document Editing Service address: Enter the URL and port of the installed ONLYOFFICE Document Server. For example, https://documentserver:8080.

    • Secret key: Enable JWT protection from unauthorized access. Specify the same secret key in the ONLYOFFICE Document Server config file to enable the validation.

    • Editor customization settings: Select your desired options.

      • Display Chat menu button.
      • Display Feedback & Support menu button.
      • Display the header more compact.
      • Display Help menu button.
      • Display monochrome toolbar header.
  4. Click the Apply button to save the changes.

ONLYOFFICE settings in Redmine

You have connected ONLYOFFICE Docs and Redmine. You can edit documents without switching between the applications.