How to Install Arch Linux

Updated on September 21, 2021
How to Install Arch Linux header image


This guide explains how to install Arch Linux on a Vultr cloud server instance.

Add the Arch Linux ISO to your Account

  1. Browse the HTTP Direct Download section of the Arch Linux Download page and copy the download URL of a the most recent archlinux-x86_64.iso file.
  2. Go to the Vultr Add ISO page.
  3. Paste the download URL and click Upload. After a few minutes, your ISO will be available.
  4. Navigate to the Vultr customer portal and deploy a new instance.
  5. In the Server Type section, click the Upload ISO tab.
  6. Select the Arch ISO and deploy a server.

Connect to the Cloud Server

Connect to your newly deployed server with the web console.

Boot screen

Choose the first option to start the installation.

You've successfuly booted the ISO and begun the installation. Note that Arch is a rolling release and the specific installation steps vary for each new version. Vultr recommends following the official guide, beginning with the section "Set the console keyboard layout".


For more information, check the Arch Linux website.