Mist on the Vultr Marketplace

Updated on February 9, 2022
Mist on the Vultr Marketplace header image

We are happy to announce that Mist is now available on the Vultr Marketplace. You can spin up our open source Community Edition and begin managing your multicloud infrastructure in just a few minutes!

Follow the instructions below to get started.

Mist on Marketplace


  1. Go to Mist's marketplace listing and click Deploy.
  2. Fill in the options required. We recommend a VM with at least 4 vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. The simplest such option will cost you $40/month.
  3. Once everything is ready, hit Deploy Now. Provisioning will take a few minutes. In the meantime, you can check out a video demo of Mist.
  4. When the VM is running, connect to it over SSH with ssh root@yourPublicIP.
  5. Go to the Mist folder with cd /mist and check if all Mist containers are up. This normally happens a couple of minutes after boot. You can check the status with docker-compose ps.
  6. Once all containers are up, run docker-compose exec api sh. This will drop you in the shell of a Mist container.
  7. In the shell, add an admin user with ./bin/adduser --admin myEmail@example.com. This will prompt you to enter a password.
  8. Everything is now ready. Visit http://yourPublicIP:80 and login with the email and password you specified above.
  9. Once you log in to Mist, click on the Add your Clouds button, select Vultr from the list of supported providers. You will need to provide your Vultr API token and then click Add cloud. You can get your API token from your Vultr settings page where you should also allow your VM's IP in the Access Control section.

You are all set!

Your Vultr cloud has been added and your resources will be auto-discovered by Mist in a few seconds.

You can repeat step (8) above to add more Vultr accounts to Mist. You can also add any number of other clouds you are managing by following the relevant instructions. Mist supports more than twenty public and private clouds, hypervisors, container hosts and even bare metals.

Please note that new users will not be able to create an account through Mist's sign up form. We turn this off for security reasons. If you would like to enable it, edit ./settings/settings.py and set ALLOW_SIGNUP_EMAIL = True. Then, restart Mist with docker-compose restart.

In some cases, such as user registration, forgotten passwords, user invitations etc, Mist needs to send emails. By default, Mist is configured to use a mock mailer. For more information about mail mock and how to set up Mist with your existing email server, check out our docs.

If you would like to use a custom domain for your Mist installation, you will need to update Mist's CORE_URI.

Finally, it is strongly recommended to enable TLS.

More Information

We would love to hear your feedback at support@mist.io or on Github.